With a playlist of over 11,000 live TV channels and over 5,500+ VODs in different languages, we can guarantee without a doubt that we are the best IPTV provider you can find! With us you can enjoy your favorite sports channel or watch the latest movies with video on demand with a 24-hour trial subscription. We offer almost all European channels, with the review function and EPG (Electronic program guide) for Europe and the US. In addition, you can watch channels from the US, Canada, Africa, Malta, India, Brazil, Arab countries, Russia and Scandinavian countries.


Requirements to enjoy Top Dog IPTV:

  • Smart TV or Android TV Box with a streaming application installed (Smart IPTV, Net Iptv, Set Iptv, IPTV Extreme or GSE Smart IPTV). We recommend a good Xiaomi Android TV Box or the Amazon Firestick in case you do not have a Smart TV.
  • You can also put the IPTV list into operation on a computer with the VLC program, through a mobile phone / tablet (Iptv Extreme App) or an Apple device (Ipad for example) with the GSE Smart IPTV app.
    Our list works on decos Freesat V8 (GtMedia) and Amazon firesticks, also on Kodi Boxes, Mag Boxes, Enigma
  • Android Boxes with Autoscript 2.0 and 1.6, and on Roku. ATTENTION: GTMedia V9 / Freesat V9 are not compatible.
  • We recommend a broadband connection of at least 20MB (Symmetric) or have an optical fiber to enjoy Full HD or HD channels. For 4K minimum 50 MB (Optical fiber).



We work only with quality dedicated servers.

Lists updated weekly, new channels and movies are added every week and those currently available are optimized. We also have some 4K channels.

We have an area for clients with a simple registration, which can be accessed through the option “CLIENT AREA”. From there you can see the invoices, services offered and payment methods. In addition to relevant information and news.


Watch TV channels from USA, Canada, UK and all over the world:

Top Dog IPTV server is vailable in the following regions:

USA, Canada, Britain, Ireland, Netherlands HD Netherlands HEVC / 4K, All Arab countries, France HD France HEVC / 4K United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain Spain HEVC / 4K Portugal, Latin America, Germany, Greece Turkey, Kurdistan, Armenia, Ukraine Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Iran, India, Pakistan Europe, Asia, Somalia, Africa, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Finland Norway Hungary Czech Republic, Ex Yugoslavia, Romania, Albania, Poland, Bulgaria, Israel, Hebrew, Russia, Luxembourg, Italy, Georgia, Australia, Adult channels.

Top Dog Features:

We offer IPTV lines for one or several devices, from the customer area you can counter lines of up to 4 simultaneous connections by selecting the available accessories (Extra devices).

  • Stable Connection: We use servers of 10gbps, these are fast servers so that we guarantee a stable connection.
  • Automatic updates: New channels and vod are added automatically, see channel list for updates.
  • Try it for free: You get 24 hours access to our entire channel and vod range. The trial package is exactly the same as the subscription. Whatsapp us for a trial subscription
  • Worldwide channel offer: We have a wide range of channels, consisting of more than 45 countries. This includes all paid movie / Netflix / Videoland / sports / music / news / adult channels.
  • 99% Up Time Guarantee: The servers are maintained daily by a specialized technician. As a result, we try to keep the risk of malfunctions to a minimum.
  • 24/7 Customer Service: We are available 24/7 via email and will be answered the same day. Also keep an eye on the spam box!


Top Dog IPTV: Most stable IPTV server

Looking for a stable and comprehensive IPTV in USA & Canada? We have the best iptv subscription for you! With our package you enjoy unlimited viewing of thousands of national and international channels!

Best iptv subscription in USA & Canada

When you talk about online streaming there are many different forms we come across, including of course IPTV. In recent years, satellites and cable television have been increasingly disappearing. These are losing ground to the growing IPTV world. This is because the protocol works via the internet, so you have many more options than with the well-known cable television.

IPTV in USA & Canada is making it increasingly easier for users to take advantage of the gigantic opportunities it brings. There are different types of IPTV subscriptions available.

What does Top Dog IPTV offers:

Of course it starts with an IPTV package, in which you can watch all National and international television channels. You can register with an iptv server, simply via an internet connection. So without having to lay all the awkward cables or get connections at home.

There is almost no difference with other digital services such as YouTube and Netflix for example. It actually works exactly like these services. They spread a service, and you can access it by becoming a subscriber through the internet protocol technology.

IP TV refers to internet-based protocol television where the internet is used to deliver TV programs and videos that are live or on demand. IP TV is a system in which digital television services are provided to the subscriber via internet protocol technology through a broadband or internet connection.

Top Dog IPTV subscription:

What we offer you! Our best iptv subscription also comes with the iptv box with subscription. What you can expect from us:

  • A top server with almost no failure
  • 24/7 customer service, do you have a problem with your subscription? We are always ready to help you.
  • The best national and international sports channels
  • No more expensive monthly costs.
  • We guarantee you a 100% satisfaction guarantee!


How can you get Top Dog IPTV:

It is very simple, you only need to apply for an IPTV subscription, and in most cases you can already receive IPTV on your smart TV.

How does iptv work

You have two different network structures that make up an iptv package. A centralized part and a sharing part (Streaming). The first part is the VOD part of the IPTV subscription.

It is placed somewhere and does not change. It is fixed, and you as a user request it, and you get films. Then you have the second trickiest part. That’s the sharing portion (streaming).

Streaming is the trickiest, the best IPTV provider even has problems with it to keep it running constantly. And constantly offering you the opportunity to watch live TV. That is why they invest a lot of money to have this properly organized.

That is why it is very important in the world of streaming not to go for the cheapest IPTV. But for a high-quality IPTV provider, because it can often absorb the major blows that the industry receives.
Receiving various television channels from all over the world

IPTV servers are currently no longer just for people with a foreign background who want to be able to watch channels from their own country. No, national channels are also very popular, because an iptv package generally offers the entire Dutch TV offer.

Sports channels from the United Kingdom, for example, were previously unavailable. Because of course it is only available in England. But IP TV, for example, has made it possible to watch these channels live from the USA, Canada & all over the world.

What can you expect from an iptv subscription

Besides receiving television channels, it offers many more possibilities.

You can watch Video on Demand. With this you can just watch movies that the IPTV service streams, you can compare it with Kodi. Only then, Kodi is generally not as well kept up anymore. With an IPTV service, you will then have access to their private Films section
Time-shift television. As a subscriber, you can watch live broadcasts later, so you can always follow your missed program.
And of course Live television. You can watch up to 10,000 television channels from all over the world.